“Friends and Forex”Forex live contest 2016-FOREXstart

Ex. Date: January 1, 1970 Bonus:

More about – FOREXstart Live-contest
FOREXstart One account can participate only 1 time.
You can refill an account through any payment system except W1 (Visa/MasterCard, Cellular communication, Cash) and account transfer.
Contest Link:“Friends and Forex”Forex live contest 2016

Contest Available:All accounts.
Contest times:Any time when you decide.
Registration open:Until 2016.

Duration:From one week to one month.
Prizes: $2 USD the number of participants.if there are 5 participants, the winner gets 10 USD because $2 x 5 = $10 USD.
How to get: Reach the highest balance.The winner also needs a photo of our clients with a banner.

Withdrawal: Yes.
Other conditions: You can’t t refill your account during the live contest. The rules can be changed at any time without previous notice.

Joining Link :
Bonus Amount :
Offer is Applicable :
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